While 90 percent of SMBs back up their servers, only 29 percent back up their SaaS application data, according to a recent Kaseya survey of more than 400 SMBs with up to 5,000 employees worldwide.

Unfortunately, that’s the same percentage as in Kaseya’s 2018 survey. “There continues to be a lack of understanding that SaaS data backup is typically the customer’s responsibility for anything longer than 30 days,” the report states.

That’s true while SaaS application usage continue to grow, with fully 67 percent of SMBs now using Office 365, 29 percent using Dropbox, 27 percent using G-Suite, and 17 percent using Salesforce, among other solutions.

The survey also found that just 31 percent of respondents have a formal business continuity disaster recovery plan in place, and just 34 percent have the ability to automatically recover to a separate site.

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